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Madeline Bartolomeo is a passionate young sculptor living in Boise, Idaho. She completed her undergraduate degree at Boise State University in 2019, where she also worked and trained for six years under renowned sculptor Benjamin Victor. Through Boise State and her experience working in a professional studio, Madeline has become proficient in sculpture, mold-making, welding, casting, wax-work, sculpture installation, sculpture restoration, and bronze and metal work.


Madeline has displayed her work in galleries in Boise and Oregon, and was the winner of the Puget Sound 2018 Scholarship, and the 2018 FACE student scholarship.

At a very young age, Madeline knew she wanted to be an artist. She quickly discovered her passion for sculpting, and as this passion grew, her attention began to focus on representational sculptures, specifically those of the human figure and wildlife. As she has grown and developed through her college experience, Madeline’s art centers on emotion, storytelling, and the life that can be conveyed in static works of art.

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."


Boise State University Commencement Speech 2019

I was honored to be able to share this moment with my graduating class. It remains one of the most nerve-wracking but rewarding experiences, and is a constant reminder to me to pursue hard things.


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